Paper Presentation, IGARSS, 24th July, 2018
Presented my paper on my research on scaling SVMs for HPC, with the title: “Scaling Support Vector Machines Towards Exascale Computing for Classification of Large-Scale High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images”
Valencia Conference Center, Valencia, Spain

Paper Presentation, MIPRO, 24th May, 2018*
Presented my paper on my research on a modular supercomputing and machine learning, with the title: “Modular Supercomputing Design supporting Machine Learning Applications”
Grand Hotel Adriatic Conference Center, Opatija, Croatia
* presented by Prof. Dr. Morris Riedel in my absence

Poster Presentation, EASC, 17th April, 2018
Presented a poster on my research on enhancing deep learning workflows in HPC with the title: “Enhancing Deep Learning towards Exascale with the DEEP-EST Modular Supercomputer Architecture”
John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Paper Presentation, EGU, 9th April, 2018
Presented my paper on my research on scaling DBSCAN in HPC with the title:
“Scaling DBSCAN towards exascale computing for clustering of big data sets”
Austria Center, Vienna, Austria

Conference Speaker, Droidcon, 4th September, 2017
Presented some of the challenges we faced in the Briar project, with the title: “Building a P2P Darknet App, lessons learned”
Messe Berlin, Berlin, Germany